Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Springy Little Number

Aloha Dear Readers,

Pink is still on the brain even after working with the previous post's fabric!  And by the way, thank you for your thoughts on the skirt.  I am looking forward to wearing it in the upcoming work week.

So...I had a bubble-gum pink and white striped knit in my stash, and I paired it with a nice quality white, rayon/spandex, ponte knit.  The two together create a swingy and springy little number using Kwik Sew 2159 (Out of Print), view A for the skirt and New Look 6899, view A for the top.

For the top, I carefully matched the stripes at the top of the sleeves and along the center back seam.  I also tried to match the stripes at the side, at least from the waist down.  Above the waist, it is difficult to do because extra fabric on the front is eased into the back to make a provision for the bust line.
This photo was taken after construction and before I washed the top (I did prewash my fabric).  After I washed and dried the top, the neckline shrank a bit and now does not pull away from my chest.  

The only alteration I made was to take in about an inch along the center back seam from the waist up.  There was too much room in the chest and neckline with the original size 10 pattern.  
The skirt has six panels.  I didn't have quite enough fabric to cut one of the panels, so one panel has a horizontal seam.  I positioned this as my back panel.  Thankfully, it doesn't bother me, and I'll always be able to tell the back from the front now!  Also, I lengthened the skirt by 2".
And here is the complete outfit.  I love how swingy the skirt is and how cheerful the colors are.  This skirt will be a useful wardrobe staple as it will mix and match with many tops.

On a non-sewing note,  my Spring Break was so refreshing.  I have been wanting to hike a trail called the Pali Trail here on Maui, and I accomplished that yesterday.  Below are a few pictures from the amazing, 5 mile, 1600 foot climb.  This is part of the road that travelers used to take to get from Wailuku to Lahaina way back when!

Maalaea Harbor

You can see cane burning going on in the valley.

Windmills looking down the mountain, but there are still more looking up the mountain!

 Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful week! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bubblegum Elephant Ear - Gorgeous!

Bubblegum Elephant Ear, you say?!

Yep, that is what this fabric reminds me of.  I found it at Gorgeous Fabrics at least a year or two ago.  I think it is a burnout cotton with texture.  The colors are navy blue and bubblegum pink.  Here is a close-up.  Can you see the area where it is see-through?

I used New Look 6872, View B in a size 10.  I changed the finished circumference of the waist so that it would sit higher, at my natural waist.  I basically layered two skirts.  The underskirt is a white, permanent press, 100% cotton, muslin.  I finished the fashion fabric with french seams and used my serger to finish the cotton underlining.
Check out that narrow hem at the bottom of the fashion fabric!  I first stitched a line 3/8" from the bottom edge.  Then I pressed the fabric up on that stitching line.  Then I stitched again very close to the first line of stitching.  Then I trimmed the fabric to within an 1/8" or so of the stitched line.  Then I turned and pressed it up and stitched one final time to end up with this very narrow hem.  But, as you can see, I took the easy way out on my muslin and serged the hem!
I inserted an invisible zipper on the side and hand stitched the facing on the inside of the waistband.  I made the underskirt about 3 inches shorter than the overskirt so that it would be see through for a little contrast at the bottom.  This skirt took longer to make than I had anticipated, but it was definitely worth it! 

Here is the final look.  I happened to have a perfectly matching rtw, navy blue, muscle, tank top in my closet, and I am very happy with how the two compliment one another.  I do think this skirt would look nice with a white collared blouse and a pink cardigan as well to dress it up a bit.   
 Thank you for your thoughts on the last post!  And thanks for stopping by.  Aloha!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Another styleARC Laura Dress!

Aloha Everyone!

I've created another Laura dress using an ITY knit I purchased from Fabric Mart quite a while ago.  Velosewer, who writes "How Good is That", kindly hand carried the pattern to me all the way from Australia when we met up in Oahu a couple of years ago.  Thanks again Velosewer!  I've always loved the print in this knit and wasn't sure for the longest time how I wanted to use it.  Today I was inspired to use the dark black flowers on the arms and yokes and the magenta tulip flower part of the print for the main body of the dress.  I'm so happy with the results.
I didn't alter a thing with the pattern.  The length of the dress and the seams are just as the pattern specified.  I am wearing RTW leggings.
Here is a close-up of the top of the dress.

There is a center back seam in the body of the dress.  All the seams are sewn with a 1/4" seam allowance.  The neck is finished with a self fabric neck binding.  My sleeves and hem were finished with my coverstitch machine.  My first version of this pattern is here, and I still love it!  This is a super easy, super comfortable dress.  You should give it a try!  Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week!

Monday, March 9, 2015

A Trio of Bibs

A Trio of Bibs….

For a newborn boy…

Sunday, March 8, 2015

That Black Top I Promised

Aloha Dear Readers,

Woo Hoo!  I finally stuck with a plan.  I finished up the black top that I was hoping to make to go with the lime green skirt in the previous post.  I ended up using Sewaholic's Pendrell blouse pattern.  I loved this blouse the first time I made it, and I love it this time too!  I had a scrap of black and white rayon fabric that I had in mind for this project and barely had enough to make View C, in a size 2.  I ended up making the neck front a little lower and wider by cutting 5/8" off before I attached the binding.  I am happy with the final result.  The other change I made was to cut 3" off of the hem, since I will always be wearing this version tucked in.  At least I think that is the case.
Here are the close-ups of the top:

I didn't have enough fabric to make the binding, so I used 1/4" double-fold bias tape in black.  It worked perfectly.  Here is the original outfit I envisioned when I made the skirt and top.
Notice that bit of green on the black sweater?  That piece of jewelry, from long ago, is what inspired the whole outfit!
I have always love that green apple with a bite out of it.

On a completely different note…..I am so glad I know how to sew.  I was at Ross a few weeks ago and found a dress made out of a fabric that I liked and with a hem technique that I have never seen.  The dress was too big, but I knew the lower portion would make a great skirt.  I forgot to take a picture of the dress before I cut it apart, but here it is (the waistband has already been attached by me) and a close up of the hem.

The dress also came with a self-fabric sash which I have incorporated into the final outfit.  I paired the skirt with a never worn blouse in my closet.  The price was right on the blouse, and it fit, but I never really had anything to wear it with.  Now I do! You cannot tell from this picture, but there is a ruffle on the neckline that kind of matches the flounce on the skirt.  Throw on any colored cardigan for a pop of color and Voila!  Like I said, I'm so glad I know how to sew!  Have a great week everyone.
P.S. Spring Break starts next weekend.  Yay, more time to sew!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Butterick 5649 in Lime

Aloha Sewing Friends,

I've pulled another OOP pattern from my pattern stash and made Butterick 5649, View B.  I have had the tissue on this view altered and cut for over a year now.  I am glad I finally made it.  The only alteration I made was to provide more width at the waist.  I added about an extra inch.  Otherwise, I made no other changes to the size 10.
There are side seam pockets, which will be so useful at school.  I am constantly carrying my keys around, and having pockets makes it so much more convenient.  The skirt also has 8 panels.  The fabric is a pretty lime-colored linen/rayon that I purchased online at Hawthorn Threads.  There are nine 3/4" buttons running down the front of the skirt.  Isn't it so satisfying to get to this stage of the skirt making process?
I think this photo shows the color best.

I am wearing the skirt with a RTW top.  My plans are to make a printed, black, sleeveless flowing top to go with this skirt as well.  I think that will be the next project on my sewing table.  Hope your sewing adventures are going smoothly.  Thanks for stopping by to have a look!  This is definitely a pattern that I would recommend.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Butterick 3391 in Blue

Aloha Everyone,

Last weekend I was not able to sew, but for a good reason!  My brother and his fiancé were visiting me here in Maui.  I always enjoy seeing family and playing tourist.  We visited Lahaina and spent the day shopping on Front Street, which ended up being a perfect decision for that particular day, because we had unusual winds and rain.  Other activities included eating at several different restaurants and visiting the beach.  It was refreshing!  This weekend however, it felt good to get back into the sewing cave.

Today I have made my simple TNT bias skirt in a gorgeous blue bali rayon, and made my first version of Butterick 3391, view E, which is a simple t-shirt pattern with cap sleeves and a gathered neck.  I believe this pattern is out of print.
I made the size 10 and even though the t-shirt is wearable, I found out the sleeves are a little tight under the arms.  That will have to be remedied if I make future versions.  I used a beefy cotton spandex in royal blue and I really like the gathered neckline.  The neckline is finished with a self-fabric binding, and I finished the hems by folding them under 1 inch (as the pattern instructs) and stitching with a double needle, due to my lack of motivation to thread my coverstitch machine.
Hmmm….Let's pull an outfit together!
Yes, that will do nicely!

Have a beautiful week everyone!