Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another Burda 8281

Aloha Friends,

I have another Burda 8281 skirt to share with you.  It is amazing how much faster it goes when you immediately make another version of the same pattern.  For this Burda skirt I used a quilting cotton that I picked up on one of my travels to Oregon.  The selvage reads: E. Young. Women's Business copyright M&S Textiles Australia.  I love the print.  When I purchased this fabric I knew I would be making a skirt out of it.  I did not buy enough to match the print along the back or side seams, but I am not bothered by that since it is a "busy" print.  I like the layout on the front, and for the front piece I did not cut it on the bias so that I could have this particular layout.  The back pieces are cut on the bias, the skirt is fully lined, and it features an invisible zipper, just like the one in the previous post.  I do need to run to town to pick up some more hooks and eyes this morning.  I will add those to the waistband later today to complete the skirt. This is such a perfect pattern for cool, cotton, summery, skirts!

Enjoy the Day!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Catching Up and Burda 8281

Aloha Friends,

The month of June flew by.  I decided to take on a big home redecoration project.  I painted with bright blues and a light sandy brown.  I made new curtains for the kitchen and new placemats for the dining room table.  I recovered the dining room chairs and began painting all the trim white, except in the kitchen.  I am nearly finished, and my home feels so much better.  I like the bright colors for now.  The carpet has also been replaced with a laminate wood floor.  There are still a few things left to do, but I feel like I can start sewing clothes now.  Yay!

 Burda 8281

Burda 8281 is a pattern for fitted skirts cut on the bias.  I made View B with an aloha print fabric, and I love it!  I have seriously been absorbed with all things ocean, including snorkeling to take pictures of the turtles and fish.  I am enjoying the sea like never before in all my time spent in Maui.  Ah….but I digress.  Back to Burda 8281….after a few turtle pics!

As I mentioned, I made View B and cut a straight size 10.  The only adjustment I made was in straightening out the curve on the hips.  The lower skirt band is also cut on the bias, and the pattern includes lining pieces.  There are two shaping darts on the back, and I inserted an invisible zipper instead of inserting a regular zipper in the center back.  Here is the finished skirt along with some detail shots.  

Light Muslin Lining
Invisible Zipper
Back Darts and inside of Invisible Zipper

The whole skirt is made out of cotton which makes it so comfortable.  I also love that this pattern includes lining pieces.  My skirt feels so well made.  I know I will wear it a lot.  I will be concentrating on skirts for a bit as this is required work attire for my position.  Thankfully I love to wear skirts, and this one I will be making again for sure!  

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Simplicity 1541

Hello Again,

Simplicity 1541 is a pattern from the Amazing Fit Collection.  As most of you already know, this type of pattern comes in sizes based on measurements and based on figure type.  I made View B in a size 10 with the "average" figure type.  The "average" fit is less curvy and has 2 darts in the back instead of 4.  This skirt also has a back vent.

Instead of inserting a lapped zipper, I inserted an invisible zipper.  I believe I also had to take about 1/2" of width out of each side seam in the hip area.  I usually need to make some sort of adjustment in this area for my straight, boyish hips.  The skirt still has a bit too much wearing ease, and I will adjust this in the next version.  Also, I think I would like to shorten the length about an inch on the next version as well.  Otherwise, I really like this skirt pattern as a wardrobe basic for work.  I especially like the curved lines in the front.

The fabric is a mid-weight cotton/spandex woven that came from Emma One Sock.  You might remember the top from this blog post.

Here is the finished skirt along with some photos of the details.

Front View
Side View

Back View

Invisible Zipper
Back Vent
Hope your weekend is off to a great start! Mahalo for the warm welcome back and for your thoughts on the last post.  I've missed you and am thankful to be able to reconnect!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Maxi Skirt Times 4

Aloha Everyone,

It's great to be back with you all.  My first year of teaching was an amazing adventure, and I am looking forward to starting my second year in August.  Just as I suspected, it took every ounce of focus, energy, and God's equipping to do the job, but now I am on summer break and looking forward to catching up with you all and getting some sewing done.

I was able to get a few sewing projects squeezed in here and there in the past 10 months, particularly while I was on extended breaks, like during Christmas.

I used New Look 6762, View B, to make 4 maxi skirts.  I was never originally on the maxi skirt bandwagon, for myself.  However, after I made one, I realized how chic and comfortable they look and feel with minimal effort.  A great combination, especially if you are tired and/or rushed!

These are simply made with one pattern piece cut out twice, for the front and back.  The waistband is made with 1" wide elastic from Fashion Sewing Supply (my favorite elastic!), using the stitch and turn down method.  You get beautiful results with super fast cutting and sewing!

This first one was made with ITY fabric that came from Gorgeous Fabrics.
This second and third one was made with ITY fabric that came from
I haven't hemmed the bottom of this skirt yet, though I have worn it.  I need to order some red Maxi-Lock thread for my coverstitch machine.  It seems to be the only brand that sews well on my particular machine.
The fabric for this last maxi came from Fabric Mart and it is a mid-weight rayon knit.  I really like this skirt, because the fabric is the most breathable and feels like cotton.

That's it for now.  I started catching up on some of your blogs last night, and I cannot wait to keep browsing and reading them this evening.  The next pattern I will review is, Simplicity 1541.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Aloha ~ Hello and Goodbye

Aloha Everyone,

Thank you so much for your thoughts on the styleArc dress.  I am looking forward to making more clothes from this line of patterns.  To answer Angela's question, I bought the fabric specifically with this dress in mind and it came from Kaimuki's Dry Goods in Oahu on my recent shopping excursion with Velosewer.  It's been so hot and humid lately that I don't anticipate wearing it until the fall/winter months, but I love that it is totally finished and ready to go when the weather cooperates.

I recently took a two week vacation, with all my boys, to the mainland U.S.A. to visit family and to astound them with the beauty and diversity of the great state of Oregon; the place of their birth.  It's been eight years since they left as a trio of boys younger than 5.  As you can imagine, they didn't remember much and showed genuine interest in each place we stopped at along the way.  Here is a sampling of Oregon's gems.
Driftwood Beach
Cape Perpetua Scenic Area
Mt. Hood at Timberline
Sea lions at Sea Lion's Cave
Downtown Portland at Dusk
Jelly Fish at the Oregon Aquarium
Haceta Head Lighthouse
Koosah Falls - Willamette National Forest
Mt. Washington 
A wild turkey and one of her many chicks near my sister's house.
Rock formations seen on a 90 minute tour of the caves at the Oregon Caves National Park.
Canadian Geese on Clear Lake
(This is the most amazing lake - super clear.  Temperatures of 36 to 44 degrees Farenheit.    Because the lake is so cold the standing trees on the bottom of the lake have been preserved.  Preserved, standing trees on the bottom of a lake is one of the most incredible things you will ever see in nature, in my opinion.)
The boys and I probably covered at least 1500 miles in the car between visiting family and stopping at nearly all of my favorite places to visit in the state.  God truly shined on our trip.  The skies were beautiful and nobody got sick, or hurt, or bored, or fed up with the pace.  I think we all needed the break from the smallness of the island.  I feel like I packed 8 years into one amazing two week adventure!!!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures and have the opportunity to visit Oregon one day.

Switching gears... I have another awesome yet challenging new adventure ahead of me; one that will require a great deal of focus, energy, and commitment.  I will be teaching middle school students full time for the 2013/14 school year, and hopefully for many years to come!  While I absolutely love sewing, and the online sewing community, and have been incredibly blessed by this blogging journey and the friends I have met along the way, it is time for me to move into a new phase of life.  Mahalo to all of you who have visited, shared your thoughts, and connected with me here on the internet.  I am grateful our paths crossed!  Many blessings to you and keep on sewing, (I will too)!  I still plan to pop in and see what you are up to!  Aloha!

Monday, July 1, 2013

styleARC Laura Dress

As mentioned in the previous post, I have finished the styleARC Laura Dress.  It is a simple knit dress with a rounded neck and contrasting yoke and sleeves.  When I received the pattern, I thought it was helpful that they included a swatch of fabric that would work well for the pattern.  I think as we gain experience sewing, matching pattern and fabric becomes much easier, but for a new sewer I can see this  leading to greater success with the outcome.
I didn't need the directions, however I read them over and they made sense to me.  The only thing I do different is hem my sleeves before I join them together.  I like my sleeves narrow so hemming them while they are flat instead of in the round is much easier.  I ordered my pattern based on the measurements listed on styleARC's website.  I am a near perfect size 8, so that is what I ordered.

May I just say, I love this pattern!  I can't believe how well the shoulders and sleeves fit.  There is a bit more ease than I prefer in the lower half of the dress, but it does keep it swingy and breathable, especially with an ITY knit.  I did not make any alterations to the size 8.  My fabric came from Kaimuki's in Oahu.  This is a bold, funky dress!  The leggings are rtw.  Although, I do have a styleARC pattern for leggings, that came as a bundle when I ordered the Laura Dress pattern, I didn't make them since I already own several pairs of black leggings.  
The only little quibble I have about the pattern was that there seemed to be a marking missing on the sleeve.  I used the diagrams in the instructions to to figure out what was the sleeve front and what was the sleeve back.  I think I got it right.  
The neckline is finished with a solid black matte ITY jersey.  I love how sharp the finish looks here.  I was a little concerned about getting a wonky finish with the loose weave of the knit lace, but it all worked out fine by finishing the seam with my serger and adjusting the tension properly.  
This has been a successful first experience with styleARC patterns.  I can't wait to try another!