Saturday, October 31, 2015

Splattered Ink Turtleneck

Aloha Friends,

How about something completely out of the box?  I saw the fabric for this latest creation at Fabric Mart some time ago.  Even though it is not in colors I would normally choose, I liked the ink splat print so much I went ahead and bought some.  The fabric is a medium weight rayon lycra with excellent recovery.  I used Jalie 2805 to whip out a turtleneck top with an extra long neck and about 1 inch longer sleeves.  I think I added about 4-5 inches to the neck portion of view B to achieve these results.  All top-stitching was done with my coverstitch machine.  It seems about perfect for the last day of October in upcountry Maui.
Here is the top paired with a ready to wear skirt that has been in my closet for the last several years.

I'm keeping it short and sweet tonight.  Hope you have a great weekend where ever you are and what ever you are doing.  Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments on the last post.  Up next, McCall's 6993 View A….stay tuned!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tribal Dress with New Look A6210

Aloha Online Ohana,

For the past week I've been working a little bit at a time on New Look A6210 View D.  What inspired me to make this simple knit dress was when a bundle of fabric came from Girl Charlee.  I was intrigued by the idea of purchasing a "Knit Fix" package called Ethnic Redux.  Included in the package was 2 yards of 6 different knit fabrics with an ethnic feel.  I was not certain of the patterns, colors or fabric content of the knit I would receive.  I guess I was feeling like I wanted a surprise and was hoping it would come quickly.  I was disappointed to find out that the flat rate shipping to Hawaii for $20.00 resulted in a wait time of 3 weeks.  If I order again, I'll be sure to ask for a faster shipping method, and see if the cost is worth it.  Three weeks is a long time to wait for fabric, especially when you are a fabric lover!

Moving forward, the fabric you see in this new dress was my favorite one of the "surprise" knits that I received.  I think it made a lovely, comfortable dress.  I also used the pattern for the sash from New Look 6120 to complete the look.  Here is the sash made in a medium-weight black linen:
The neckline and armholes are finished with self-fabric bands folded in half and stitched on to the dress in a 3/8" seam.  I chose not to add the topstitching to the outside of where the bands attach.

Two other changes I made were to lengthen the dress by 2 inches and to take a total of 2 inches out of the circumference of the dress at the chest, waist and hip by reducing the side seams by a 1/2" before I cut the dress out using the size 10.  I made this decision based on what the pattern stated were finished garment measurements at the bust and hip.  I turned up the hem 1 1/4" and used my coverstitch machine to finish.  I tried to match the fabric as best as I could at the seams.  There is a seam going down the back of the dress.  Here is the final look:

This simple dress will see plenty of wear, and I will definitely use this pattern again!  Have a bright week!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Another New Look 6874

Aloha Online Ohana,

It's good to be back with you again, and today I have another New Look 6874 skirt to share with you.  I'd say this is my tnt front pocket, pencil skirt pattern.  I have made this 3rd version out of a heavily textured linen print that I bought online from Hart's Fabrics quite a while ago.  The minute I saw this fabric I knew it would be a pencil skirt.  It just took me a while to lay out the pattern into the skirt that I wanted.

Here is a sneak peek:
Front with pocket

Back with vent, invisible zipper and hook and eye closure

No lining
And here is the complete outfit.  Unfortunately, I did not have any fabric in my stash that matched the skirt in a way that I was satisfied with, so I bought a top from Macy's which I really like with the skirt.

The beginning of school is always a busy time, but I think I am finding a good rhythm now and hope to be sewing and posting more frequently.  Mahalo for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Lilac Skirt…New Look 6082

Aloha Again,

Last year I bought a simple cotton print that I just fell in love with.  I thought it would make the perfect A-line summery skirt, and a great skirt to wear to my teaching job.

I decided to make the skirt, which is view E, from New Look 6082.  I have lost count of how many times I have made this type of skirt, but I love the ease and shape of it for my body type.  When you see my version, please note that I have added 2 inches of length.  Another change I made was to design fun pockets for it.  I used an invisible zipper as well.  Finally, I added a cotton lining, which gives it a more substantial feel.

I love how cotton skirts look even after many washings and wear. With that in mind, I took my time and added all the bells and whistles during the construction process.  The waistband is interfaced as well as the white fabric on the pockets.  The lining around the zipper is hand stitched in place.  Here are some pics of the details.

Patch Pocket: I cut two pieces for each pocket, then stitched them right sides together and turned them through a little hole.  I then topstitched and folded the flap down to the front.  The button is stitched on the front for decoration.

Skirt Inside:

Great Fit with the size 10 and no modifications except added 2 inches to the length.


I plan to wear it with a white top of some kind.  Today it is modeled with a rtw cardigan from Old Navy.

Cheers to summery skirts!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

New Look 6470 and 6976 in Rustic Cotton and Linen

Aloha Online Ohana,

Mahalo for your recent comments on the last sewing project.  I have worn it a couple of times since making it.  I definitely want to make another pair of tencel, cropped pants.  I have 2 more cuts of tencel in my stash that I am considering.

However, I left that pattern alone this past week or so and have now made a little skirt and blouse combo.  Here are the patterns:
I made the skirt from the pattern on the left, which I have made before in a knit.  However, this time I made it in a medium-weight, striped cotton.  I had fun designing a pocket to play with the geometry of the stripes.  Secondarily, I also wanted a functioning pocket for my keys when I wear it to work.  Here is a sneak peek of the pocket:
The pocket is upside-down.  This is before the facing has been turned to the inside.
The top is made from the pattern on the right.  I made view B, the sleeveless tank with no lace.  This is made out of a linen/rayon blend that is almost a tissue weight fabric.  It has a sort of cross-hatched design with yellow and rust colored threads going in opposite directions.  I did not specifically buy this fabric to coordinate with the cotton, but I was happy to see that they do coordinate.  The fabrics were purchased online from and Fashion Fabrics Club, respectively (I believe).  The linen has been in my stash for a couple of years, but the cotton is a fairly recent purchase.  Here is a sneak peek of the top:
The pattern includes instructions for the drawstring.  There are two small button holes for the functioning drawstring that only gathers about half of the neckline. 
And here is the final look:

Construction Notes:  I cut the size 10 for the top.  I deleted one inch out of the width of the back before I cut the fabric, so that the neckline would not be too wide.  I also took up a 1" seam allowance at the shoulders.  The top is a little short, so in the future I will lengthen it by one inch if I don't plan to tuck it in at waist level.  Thankfully the original length works because the skirt sits at waist level, and I have about 4" of fabric still tucked in when the top is bloused out a bit above the belt.  The top was constructed with french seams; the fabric is loosely woven.  On the skirt, I took up a 3/8" side seam to give me a little more room at the hip, since my fabric is a woven.  I finished it with an elastic waist that has been turned and topstitched with a double needle.  

Thanks again for stopping by.  Enjoy your weekend!  Here is a peek at one of the latest fish I have captured with the camera while snorkeling.  It is a scrawled filefish, I believe.  

Monday, June 22, 2015

Vogue 7883 Chic Casual

Aloha Friends,

Today I finished up Vogue 7883, a pattern for a loose fitting top with an asymmetrical hemline and wide-legged capri length pants.  The top was made with a textured, white cotton knit and handkerchief linen and the pants are made out of a pool blue, mid-weight tencel.  I am so pleased with the results.

Here is a run down on the top:

Right away I was concerned that the size 8 would be much too wide for my comfort, so I changed the pattern by not cutting the front and back piece on the fold.  Instead, I cut the pattern out on the fold line and took up a 5/8" seam down the front and back piece.  In total this brought the wideness of the top and neckline in by 2 1/2 inches.  Also, I thought it would be fun to make the two bottom front pieces out of a contrasting texture so this is where I used a white handkerchief linen.  This top can be entirely made out of a woven, but I made most of it out of a stable, mid-weight knit.  The other thing I changed was that I did not use facings to finish the neckline.  I used self-made linen bias tape.  Then I top-stitched with a wide, double needle.  I love how the handkerchief linen has a subtle see-throughness to it on the sides, but it is opaque in the front where the double layer is.  This top is so comfortable for warm weather!
Here is the back:
Oops, missed a thread scrap on the sleeve.  I made a narrow 3/8" hem.
If you've been reading along, you already know that I adjusted the pants pattern quite a bit, mostly in the front crotch seam.  I ended up pinching out at least 1" horizontally (which I tapered to nothing at about the middle of the back of the pants) and 1" vertically from the waist then tapering back into the seam allowance near the inner leg.  I also redrew the front curve.   I went ahead and added the side seam pockets and finished the waist with 1" elastic.

And here is the final look:
Side and Back Views:
In the end, I love how easy this was to make, how pulled-together it looks, and how incredibly comfortable it is to wear.  I hope I have time to make another set, but I may take a break from this pattern now to work on some other projects, like skirts and possibly a dress or two!  Thanks for stopping by!  PS: Kathy, the Japanese fabric is a woven :-)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Seriously Bit!

Seriously bit by the PJ bug that is…..I just couldn't resist making 2 more versions of the PJ pants.  Take 3 is a cropped length made out of locally sourced fabric in a Japanese theme.  They are about 6 inches shorter than the other two I made because I didn't have enough fabric to make them full length.
Tank Top is RTW from Sport's Authority.  PJ pants are made by me. 
And my final version is made out of another color way and print of the Waverly Inspirations fabric I found at Walmart.  These are view View C from Vogue 7883.  For both versions I remembered I had some flat, 1/2" wide nylon cording which I used for the drawstring.  All four versions have the drawstring tacked down at the back of the waist.  That way I never have to worry about them slipping out in the wash.
Tank Top is RTW from Sport's Authority.  PJ shorts are made by me. 
I think the PJ sickness has finally left me, and I am currently suffering from Tencelitis.  Stay tuned….